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Room at the Inn (hominidae giraffa cameloparadalis gravidam)


Room at the Inn (hominidae giraffa cameloparadalis gravidam)

Papier-mâché, wood, resin, glass (eyes), oil paint, faux eyelashes, spandex, store-bought clothing (polyester, suede, poly-blend), luggage bag with modified handle
Seated: 57 inches H x 78 inches L x 24 inches W (standing: 113 inches); (bag: 75
inches H x 10 inches L x 13 inches W)

This chimeric hybrid (part giraffe, part human) awaits her fate after what seems to have been a long and
arduous journey. She is thankful to put her feet up for a little while hear and rest.
It is interesting to note that, despite her vulnerable expression, “giraffe’s” strong fashion statement—
particularly her animal-print dress—hints at a strong will for survival. Cheetahs are the giraffe’s natural
predators in the wild.
*However, humans are far worse hunters of the giraffe than the cheetah; poaching has reduced Saharan giraffe populations down
40% of the last 30 years.*

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