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Giraffe Kindergartener


Giraffe Kindergartener

Clay; faux fur; children’s clothing; turf; wooden garden fencing
Dimensions variable (Fence Perimeter: 54 x 108 inches Toddler: 46 inches tall)

As an artist, and, as a human being, I have long been concerned with the issue of genetic engineering –
in particular, how its rapid progress has been largely ignored by a public that is unprepared to deal with
the inevitable ethical fallout.
While most mothers of a certain social circle worry about getting their sons into a good school, hybrid
children like this one (part human, part giraffe) are going unnoticed in the classroom and playground
every day. He not only calls attention to ethical issues of species, but also of bullying. His different
appearance has led to him becoming a target for the ire of his classmates. This 5-year-old has already
become exposed to the harsh reality ahead of him, unlike his 3-year-old sister, who has yet to begin
Here we have green turf surrounded by short, white, picket-style fencing. White picket fences have a long
history of being symbols of idealistic Americana. The picturesque middle-class life. But this boy stands
isolated because of his difference.
Maybe, if we are willing to imagine the life that a little boy like this would lead, we can more clearly
examine, and prepare for, a better future for all boys?

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