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(No One’s Pal) Joey


(No One’s Pal) Joey

Deer hooves, human hair, glass (eyes), oil paint, resin, papier-mâché
7.5 x 14 x 11 inches

Bruised, burnt—and scared—this chimeric baby (part koala, part deer, part human) awaits rescue, another
vulnerable refugee from the recent Australian wildfires. Baby koalas are called “joeys” and normally feed
on milk and eucalyptus pap made by their mother. Their populations require other koalas (“societies”,
much like humans) in order to survive. Now, room service will have to do.
Joey’s hooves are those of a species of Australian deer that also recently escaped extinction in the fires.
The Australian koala population is currently classified as “threatened” whereas the Australian deer
population is classified as “not threatened”. The human species was not available for comment.
*The hooves that appear here were ethically sourced by the artist.*

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